Disaster Preparedness


Your horses are your responsibility. In BC there is no designated government or disaster agency responsible for the evacuation, transportation and temporary stabling of horses during large scale incidents.

HCBC has the following information free for download to help horse owners prepare for natural disasters, fire safety and prevention.

This information is intended to help the horse owner prepare for most disasters. It is only intended for use with horses. Your personal preparedness for yourself, your family and your home is not covered in these publications.  


Automatic Coverages included with your HCBC membership:

  • The Personal Liability coverage includes non-commercial care, custody and control of up to a maximum of 3 non-owned horses including Legal Liability for Non-Owned Horses of $10,000.00 per horse/ $50,000.00 per accident.
  • Transportation Insurance for Non-Owned Horses protects against lawsuits for death of someone’s horse while you are transporting that horse subject to a limit of $10,000.00 per horse / $50,000.00 per accident and excluding commercial transportation of horses.


Horse Council BC members have been invited by BC Cattlemen’s Association to attend these valuable workshops on how to best prepares and mitigate disaster on your farm.

Learn from those who have the expertise, firsthand knowledge and understanding of what “will, won’t and might” work for you when facing a disaster.

Presented by AgSafeBC, BC Wildfire Services and BC Cattlemen’s Association, with funding from the Beef Cattle Industry Development Fund.

Please note: Provincial rules on vaccination passports and masking apply to all in-person events.

Register: https://www.cattlemen.bc.ca/

AgSafe Emergency Response Tube Information


Provincial Emergency Program 
Wild Fire Resources Page