Rural and Regional Support Fund

Horse Council BC (HCBC) strives to provide funding, when available, to all categories of members throughout the Province. In order to fairly determine distribution of any available funds, all requests for funding must be done through a completed application during the application period(s). In all cases, funding approval will be based and aligned with the HCBC’s Vision, Mission and Values.

HCBC will strive to provide funding for:

• Club/Affiliate facility & equipment improvements

• Events that are available to all HCBC members

• Programs/projects that contribute to the overall equine community

HCBC will not provide funding for:

•        Sponsorships                                                 • Events of a social nature, e.g. banquet

•        Competition related expenses                        • Supplementing salaries, wages and benefits

Application Requirements: 

The following must be completed for the application to be considered:
• Application form (including a budget and amount being requested from the HCBC);
• Signed checklist;
• Received during the application period and submitted by the deadline.

Applications are accepted between:
• May 1 to August 31

All applicants that are approved for funding are required to provide subsequent information on the event or how the funds were used within 30 days. Any unused funds must be returned to the HCBC

• Club or Affiliate applicants must be current HCBC members;
• Club or Affiliate applicant must have been a member in good standing for the (2) two previous years;
• Clubs applying for funding must require that their members have HCBC individual memberships;
• HCBC requires that all participants in an event (which funding is being applied for) be current HCBC members. HCBC must be prudent about liability issues that may arise from equine activities;
• Applicants that have not received any HCBC funding in prior years will be selected over applicants that have received funding in previous years;
• Applicants who have contributed to the HCBC through volunteering or referring new members will be selected over those who have not done so in the past;
• Applicants who have proven their ability to make excellent use of funds will be selected over those who have not done so in the past.

Sample expenses that may be considered:
• Club events
• Club facility improvements
• Equipment
• Programs/projects that contribute to the overall equine community

Sample expenses that are ineligible:
• Activities of a social nature, e.g. banquet
• Purchase of items of a personal, social or promotional nature
• Sponsorship

Download the Application Form