Equestrian Canada Rider/Driver Program

The Equestrian Canada Learn to Ride/Drive Programs are self paced and student/coach led. You do not need to register for the program. Set up of the date, time and location of exams is done by the coach/student.

English and Western Exam fee’s for 2018 are $21.00, Drive Exam fee’s per level is $15.75 (includes GST) 

Payment must be included when the finished test is sent to HCBC. We are not able to call for Credit Card numbers or hold the exam for payment. If payment is not included with the exam, it will be sent back to the testing coach.

NEW! – English Rider 9 and 10 now available – Download the handbook.

New! Equestrian Canada has issued new certificates to reflect their new branding and logo for the English, Western and Driving levels. They have also released new badges for the English Rider levels which are being used as of June 2017. Newly branded Western badges are not available yet. To see the new badges click Here


  1. Join Horse Council BC
  2. Purchase the English, Western or Drive “Learn to” Manual(s)
  3. You may also wish to purchase Stable Management in Canada
  4. Contact a Current and Certified Equestrian Canada Coach or Instructor to begin training for the exams
  5. When your coach feels you are ready, they can administer the exam to you, some exams require you to use a coach other than your regular coach
  6. The completed exam and payment is then submitted to the HCBC office by the coach
  7. Your certificate and badge will be mailed to you
  8. You then begin to work on the next Rider level

Purchase the Learn To manuals from the HCBC book store here:


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