Dorothy Kirby from Nanaimo, BC and George Bloor from Trail, BC were awarded with Honourary Lifetime HCBC Memberships in December 2015.

There are few who have worked for as long and with as much passion for the vocation of teaching as Dorothy Kirby has. As a coach, Pony Club examiner, and tireless volunteer at the provincial and national levels, Dorothy has always believed in the importance of good coaching. She has spent decades advocating for programs like Pony Club and the Canadian coaching system. Dorothy continues to coach a few lucky students, and while her schedule may be a little less hectic, her commitment to good horsemanship and to the organizations she has helped to mold remains as strong as ever.

George Bloor was a pioneer in the BC horse industry and is still involved with horses today in the interior of BC.  He is a mentor to many BC riders and trainers and an all around great horseman. While presenting George with the award we learned that his original HCBC Membership number was in fact 1.  George was HCBC’s very first member 36 years ago when HCBC got it’s start (with George’s help of course!).

The Honourary Lifetime Membership Award is not something HCBC gives out on a regular basis.  In fact, only five other people have ever been awarded with the same honours throughout the whole of HCBC’s history.  Dorothy and George join the ranks of Bill Archibald, June Lalonde, Alf Fletcher, Danny Bland and Sherman Olson.

An Honourary Lifetime HCBC Membership may be granted by the HCBC Board of Directors, at their discretion, to any HCBC member who has demonstrated exceptionally outstanding service to HCBC and the BC equine community.  The nomination criteria is tough and requires a majority vote (minimum 75%) of the HCBC Board of Directors present at a meeting to grant it. Any individual or club/affiliate of HCBC is entitled to nominate a candidate for “Honourary Lifetime Membership” at any time throughout the year.  The award consists of a lifetime regular membership to HCBC.  Nominations must be made in writing and sent to [email protected].