Keeping Current as a Coach or Instructor

The following are guidelines for staying current as a coach. To check Professional Development Points online go to and log into your account with your NCCP number. The number of points is the official points that you have been credited with.

Please submit your PD forms to the HCBC office as soon as possible after each event.

2019 report forms: Fillable  View PDF , Printable View PDF  Professional Development Guide View PDF  

Professional Development activities include hours from NCCP specific offerings (CAC or Equestrian Canada/NCCP updating, conventions, workshops. A maximum number of points per catagory can be claimed towards the required number of points. Unless indicated the base formula is 1 point/hour for every non NCCP activity ( to a maximum of 3 points per activity) and 5 points for a training or evaluation NCCP Module. A maximum 50% of required Professional Development points can be accumulated from Multi Sport Non-NCCP activities for your certification renewal.

Please make sure that your PD points come from a variety of activities that and that you also obtain NCCP module PD Points over the 5 year cycle.

Coaches and Instructors can self enter Active Coaching and Self Directed PD into the Locker. The locker will accept up to 3 points for self directed PD and you can report Active Coaching every year.

Have you let your EC Coach or Instructor certification lapse? The NCCP has set some important deadlines that may affect your certification. It is possible that coaches that are considered inactive will be subject to losing their certification should they not meet the minimum requirements for PD submission. Please contact [email protected] for help with the process of becoming current again or if you have any questions. To check how many PD points you have on file go to and click on “the locker”. Log in with your NCCP number and password, click on certification and you will see how many points are on file for you.

First Aid renewals – Coaches and Instructors who have completed an “in person” first aid course at least three times can renew their First Aid requirements using the online provider This is a comprehensive course that is accepted by Equestrian Canada and is the only online First Aid that is accepted. Coaches and Instructors can renew their first aid twice in a row using the online course and then will need to complete an in person course before they can use the ProFirstAid course again.







    Any Coach from all other programs recognized by HCBC (including Cantra, Vaulting, CHA, International Passport, Driving) must keep the following on file at HCBC:
  • Current HCBC membership
  • Valid First aid certificate on file at all times. The first one submitted must be a Standard First Aid Certificate
  • Criminal Record search on file, updated every 5 years
  • Proof of current status from the governing body for their certification renewed each year
  • International passport holders must submit proof of valid date stamp each year from their passport
  • Proof of Successful completion of the Make Ethical Decisions at
  • Proof of Completion of the Making Headway Concussion Training at


You can find the professional development forms for all coaching levels on our Resources for Coaches + Coach Candidates Page

2019 Equestrian Canada PD report form