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Watch the April 15th, 2021 Employment Law in the Equestrian Industry, Presented by Berry Hykin, EC CCS and Solicitor at Woodward and Company. To see her bio please click here:

Copy of the Presentation: Employment Law in the Equestrian Industry During Covid-19

Watch the February 2021 “Coaches and Insurance” webinar featuring Mike King, Capri CMW

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New 2019 EC Sport License Requirements for Coaches and Instructors

Click Here for Press Release

Equestrian Canada has announce a change regarding the level of Sport License a EC Coach or Instructor needs to hold. Beginning in 2019 the following will be required:

Coaching Level Required Sport License
Instructor Bronze
Competition Coach Bronze
Coach Specialist Silver
High Performance 1 Gold

Making Headway Concussion Module

Deadline Extended to December 31, 2018

Equestrian Canada has announced that as of June 1, 2015 all Coaches and Instructors must complete the “Making Headway” concussion training module by December 31, 2017 . All Coach and Instructor Candidates are now required to complete the “Making Headway” concussion training as a pre-requisite for an Evaluation. To read the Equestrian Canada Press Release click here to go directly to the training module click here

Completion of the Making Headway Concussion Module will give the coach or instructor 5 PD points for NCCP events.

Self Reporting Active Coaching

From grassroots to high performance, on the field, in the pool, on the ice and snow, or on the track — coaches are constantly learning. By being actively engaged in coaching, coaches are able to learn from their athletes, peers, and situations on and off the field of play.

Coaches naturally rely on the education formed through their experiences to handle whatever situation is thrown at them. That’s why we are recognizing coaches who are actively coaching with one PD point a year. By completing this active coaching declaration you are stating that in the calendar year submitted, you coached an athlete(s).

Have you coached this year? Click here to log in to The Locker to complete the Active Coaching Declaration and earn one PD point. Click on “self-report” under “certification”. Don’t forget to come back next year and declare again!

Coaches are the best people to identify their learning needs and interests. You can self-direct your learning and declare up to 3 PD points per maintenance cycle.

2020 Coaching Dates

Video Evaluations for Comp Coach English or Western can be accepted at any time.

2019 HCBC Membership Renewals

Don’t forget to renew your HCBC memberships for 2019. The office is closed during Christmas Break and New Years, so if you have not renewed before December 31, you will not have personal HCBC insurance coverage until you renew.

Criminal Record Searches

Coaches, Instructors and Candidates should now use Sterling Back Check to obtain the required Criminal Record Search or to renew it.

This service is very fast, often completed after only 2 days. Results are automatically sent to [email protected] and the coach or candidate can also access their results.

English,Western and Driver Rider Exams

As of January 1, 2017 the administration fee for complete the English and Western Exams will be $21.00 (includes GST) payable to HCBC. Where only the written component has been submitted, there is no certificate so no fee will be required. The Administration fee for each Learn to Drive level is $15.75 (includes GST). Equestrian Canada has provided newly branded Rider exams paperwork for Drive, English and the Western programs. Please contact [email protected] to obtain copies of the 2017 exams.

Coaches and Instructors are reminded that all Exams must include payment when sent in to the office. Exams submitted without payment will be sent back to the testing coach. Also, we do not keep credit card numbers on file, so if you want to pay by credit card, put the number on the test paper and submit it to the office by fax, mail or email them to [email protected]

Revised Coaches Discipline Policy now available – April 2016

The Horse Council BC Board of Directors has approved the revised Coaches and Instructors Discipline Policy at the April 2016 Board Meeting. The policy can be downloaded at the Resources for Coaches page or Here

viaSport is taking a stand to support safe sport in B.C.

Vancouver, B.C. – viaSport applauds the leadership of 23 sport organizations in B.C. who have taken the Canadian Coaching Association’s Responsible Coaching Movement pledge, and in particular, the nine provincial sport organizations who are helping to lead this movement through their commitment and collaboration with viaSport as part of a Safe Sport working group. The group will review and develop policies and establish best practices and provide input into resources related to child protection for the B.C. amateur sport sector.

The working group is one initiative of a multi-phased action plan to provide education and policy resources, build accountability frameworks and lead culture change to minimize risk and ensure positive sport experiences. Specifically, the B.C. Safe Sport action plan will deliver on the following objectives:

  1. Organizations, coaches and parents are educated on how to prevent, identify, intervene and report on all forms of abuse.
  2. Sport organizations have a suite of policy templates to adopt.
  3. Sport organizations are accountable to policy standards and implementation plans.

Abuse prevention is a long term task, with national, provincial and local alignment required. viaSport is committed to working with leaders at all levels to advance positive change within B.C. and is recognized for its ability to bring leaders together to transform and scale the impact of sport.

”All athletes deserve to participate in sports free from bullying, hazing, sexual misconduct or any form of emotional or physical abuse,” states viaSport CEO, Sheila Bouman. ”This past year, there were several high-profile cases of athletes being exploited and abused, including recent media involving Alpine Canada’s former coach, Bertrand Charest. By working together, we can create an environment where every child is able to benefit from B.C.’s strong network of quality coaches.”

viaSport is encouraging all sport organizations (national, provincial and local) to join us by first taking the Responsible Coaching Movement Pledge to show their commitment to ensuring athletes are safe. For each B.C. organization which signs the pledge, viaSport, on behalf of the provincial government, will provide three licenses to Commit to Kids training. Commit to Kids is the Canadian Centre for Child Protection’s step-by-step plan to help prevent sexual abuse from happening within child-serving organizations.

Yours viaSport,
Sheila Bouman
Chief Executive Officer