Our Staff

Name Extension Email
Executive Director Craig Cherrett 1008 [email protected]
Senior Director, Programs, Industry and Agriculture Kelly Coughlin 1006 [email protected]
Manager, Sport and Competition Sandy Underwood 1001 [email protected]
Manager, Coaching and Education Wendy Sewell 1004 [email protected]
Community Development Coordinator 1001 [email protected]
Advisor, Recreation Services Sarah Allison 1009 [email protected]
Coordinator, Membership Services Lynda Eckstein 1010 [email protected]
Advisor, Marketing and Communications Jocelyn Adams 1003 [email protected]
Coordinator, Marketing and Communications Rhiannon King 1011 [email protected]
Coordinator, Member Outreach and Engagement Stephanie MacKay 1002 [email protected]
Manager, Finance and Administration Kam Chutti 1007 [email protected]
Reception and Office Assistant 1000 [email protected]
General Inquiries 1000 [email protected]