Toolkit enables active approach to flood planning

The Farm Flood Readiness Toolkit – made up of eight fact sheets and eight worksheets – will help producers prepare for flooding.

The toolkit was developed with the input of agricultural stakeholders, including 12 technical advisors and several local Agricultural Advisory Committees: two in the Okanagan region and one in the Fraser Valley region.

Using the toolkit will help producers:

  • understand potential flood scenarios for their operation
  • identify areas and infrastructure on their farms that are most vulnerable to floods
  • increase their familiarity with how governments communicate and respond to flood events
  • understand what measures they can take to defend their farms against flooding

The toolkit’s eight fact sheets serve as informational resources on topics ranging from determining risk level to protecting livestock. The worksheets enable producers to actively plan and make decisions specific to their operation’s needs.

A completed set of worksheets will form a Farm Flood Readiness Plan.

While this resource was developed as part of a project implemented under the Fraser Valley Adaptation Strategies plan, this toolkit can be used by producers concerned about potential flooding anywhere in the province.

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Instructional videos support farm/ranch wildfire planning

These videos offer practical instruction to help producers develop customized wildfire preparedness plans.

>> DOWNLOAD the Guide to Completing a Farm/Ranch Wildfire Plan

>> DOWNLOAD the Workbook for Completing a Farm/Ranch Wildfire Plan as a fillable PDF

>> VIEW all wildfire resources

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