Highlighting Certified Coaches & Instructors

Congratulations to the newly certified 2024 Equestrian Canada Coaches and Instructors

Alicia Harper EC High Performance 1 Reining Coach
Katie Hourigan EC High Performance 1 Jump Coach
Elizavetta Saveleva EC English Instructor Flat
Jill Cross EC English Competition Coach Flat
Melanie Bakker EC Western Instructor
Kira Gillespie EC Competition Coach Flat and Jump

Congratulation to the newly certified 2023 Equestrian Canada Coaches and Instructors

Leila Templin English Competition Coach Flat and Jump
Caitlyn Cote English Instructor
Laura Fanning English Instructor
Patricia Cowland English Competition Coach
Talor McManus English Competition Coach
Samantha Ramirez English Competition Coach
Sarah Barber English Instructor
Renee Kalkman English Competition Coach
Sue Butkiewicz Drive Instructor

Congratulations to our new trained English Rider Evaluators in 2023

Jessica York English Level 1-6
Karen Weitemeyer English Level 1-8
Margaret Woloschuk English Level 1-8
Sarah Laxton English Level 1-8
Jenn Therriault English Level 1-6
Karen Erickson English Level 1-8
Cassandra Thorsteinson English Level 1-8
Lara Ghannoum English Level 1-8
Maeve Drew English Level 1-8
Selena Pellizzari English Level 1-8
Jenny McGruer English Level 1-8
Wanda Gust English Level 1-8

2023 Coaches Week Featured Coach Silvana Huber of Penticton, BC!

Silvana is an EC Certified and Licensed Coach who has obtained English Competition Coach and Western Instructor certifications. She is actively pursuing Learning Facilitator status and is trained to administer the English and Weste

rn Rider levels. We asked her a few fun questions to get to know her a little better!

What is one item you can’t go to the barn without? Well, I generally try and bring Kaia, my dog with me!

What inspired you to start coaching?
Pony Club! The education I received was amazing through the local pony club and it pushed me to get my A level in pony club.

What’s your coaching philosophy?
I really put emphasis on safety and awareness. Through pony club, I have a bit more of a classical approach with safety in mind.

Thank you to our 2022 Summer Games Coaches and Support Team

Maeve Drew Coach
Brandy Saunders Coach
Nicole Berthelot Coach
Val McKay Coach
Tracy Comte Coach
Silvana Huber Coach
Shandelle Mathusz Coach
Kirsty Evans Hernes Coach
Melissa Reimche Coach
Carolyn Dobbs Coach
Stella French Coach
Kim Scott Coach Support
Koryn Weber Coach Support
Ashley Sudds Coach Support

Congratulations to newly EC Certified coaches and instructors in 2022

  • Linnaea Crawshaw – English Instructor
  • Tallis Dixon – English Instructor
  • Amy Forsberg – English Competition Coach
  • Cayen Heppner – English Instructor
  • Sarah Laxton – English Competition Coach
  • Analise O’Brien – English Competition Coach
  • Cassandra Tattrie – English Competition Coach
  • Beverley Bonner – English Instructor
  • Jennifer Therriault – English Instructor
  • Eleanor Walton Knight – English Instructor
  • Jennifer Therriault – English Instructor
  • Alicia Harper – Western Competition Coach
  • Sarah Grant – Western Instructor
  • Lynette Crowley – Western Instructor
  • Wanda Gust – English Competition Coach
  • Brooke Doherty – English Instructor with Jump
  • Lara Ghannoum – English Instructor
  • Faye Marges – English Competition Coach
  • Ellie Walton-Knight – English Instructor

Congratulations to newly certified coaches and instructors in 2021

  • Megan Lochhead – English Competition Coach
  • Lizzy Knight – English Instructor
  • Leslie Therriault – English Instructor
  • Cheryl Keith – High Performance 1, Jump
  • Carolyn Weeks – English Competition Coach Specialist Jump
  • Julia Balcom Spreen – English Competition Coach Specialist Jump
  • Haley Fellows – English Competition Coach

Congratulations to newly certified coaches and instructors in 2020

  • Hannah Dixon –  Western Instructor
  • Cassandra Floris – Western Instructor
  • Camilla Woods – Western Instructor
  • Awna Gilding – English Instructor with Jump
  • Beverly Van Guilder – English Competition Coach
  • Kirsten Mitchell – English Instructor
  • Sarah Allison – English Instructor with Jump
  • Nicole Berthelot – English Competition Coach
  • Sahra Rajani – English Instructor

Congratulations to the newly certified coaches in 2019

  • Mickhaela Parsons   English Competition Coach
  • Tamara Mercer  English Instructor
  • Mairi Rathy – English Instructor
  • Faye Marges – English Instructor
  • Maeve Drew – English Competition Coach Specialist Eventing
  • Brandy Saunders – English Competition Coach Specialist Eventing
  • Storm Todoruk – Western Instructor
  • Jacquie Doucet-Howes – Western Instructor
  • Emma Wallin  – English Instructor
  • Wanda Dee Thompson  – Western Competition Coach Specialist Reining

The following coaches are now trained and approved to teach the new EC National Rookie Rider Program

  • Wendy Price
  • Carole Stewart
  • Stephanie Laversin
  • Angel Robson
  • Colleen Ware
  • Joyan Winter
  • Carley Johnstone
  • Vanessa Fraser
  • Janette Lauritzen
  • Sarah Bradley
  • Christine Hassell
  • Sue Thompson
  • Tosca Kocken
  • Tara Prevedoros
  • Susan Gosnell
  • Lisa Marshall Graham
  • Natalie Wood
  • Nina Sheldon
  • Karan Moore
  • Susan Harrison
  • Shandelle Mathasz
  • Sabine Molfentner
  • Erin Robinson
  • Indiana Wynne Smith

Congratulations to Maeve Drew winner of the 2017 Equestrian Canada Competitive Coach of the Year award.