Sanctioned Competitions

Competition Sanctioning is Now Available

BC is now under the 3rd phase of re start. Covid safety plans are no longer needed but the Province is “recommending” events have a Communicable Disease Response Plan in place

According to ViaSport Return to Sport Restart 2.0 and PHO Order as of July 1st, Sport Organizations are no longer required to have a Covid-19 Safety Plan but a Communicable Disease Response Plan is recommended.

Sport-specific plans developed by Provincial Sport Organizations or at the club level do not require government or viaSport approval.

It is recommended Organizations should focus on appropriate handwashing and personal hygiene, ventilation and staying home when sick as outlined by the WorkSafe BC Communicable Disease Prevention Guide.

Communicable disease prevention: A guide for employers

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to have a COVID-19 Safety Plan?

A: Sport organizations are no longer required to have a COVID-19 Safety Plan; however, sport organizations should consider developing a communicable disease response plan.

Q: What is a communicable disease response plan?

A: WorkSafeBC has outlined a four-step process, and a planning template, to help employers reduce the risk of communicable disease in their spaces. Although not all sport organizations have employer/employee relationships, the resources WorkSafeBC provide can support sport organizations communicable disease response planning. You can find more information here. For more resources on communicable disease response, BC Centre for Disease Control outlines appropriate handwashing and personal hygiene, ventilation and staying home when sick practices outlined by the WorkSafe BC Communicable Disease Prevention Guide.

Sport organizations can also review viaSport’s Return to Sport Restart 2.0 and consult with your provincial sport organization as you consider communicable disease response.

Q: Are approvals required on Return to Sport plans?

A: Sport-specific plans developed by Provincial Sport Organizations or at the club level do not require government or viaSport approval. They should focus on appropriate handwashing and personal hygiene, ventilation and staying home when sick as outlined by the WorkSafe BC Communicable Disease Prevention Guide. Sport organizations should continue to ensure that their organization is following best practices from a governance and risk management perspective. An organization’s board has fiduciary responsibility and is accountable for the decisions and work of the organization. Each board should understand and be comfortable with the level of risk the organization is taking on.

We almost have made it through COVID and now the wild fire season has reared it’s ugly head

In light of the current state and the smoky air present in many areas of the province, we would like to share a good article from UC Davis.

Both human and equine athletes can be adversely affected by changes in air quality and we need to consider this when making decisions on riding our horses. Limiting exercise when smoke is visible is recommended. Horses should not engage in activities that increase the airflow in and out of the lungs. This can trigger bronchoconstriction (narrowing of the small airways in the lungs).If you have any questions or concerns regarding riding or competing on your horse during these kinds of conditions, please  contact your veterinarian. Stay Safe everyone.


Good question,

The fundamental reason for sanctioning a competition is to ensure that Competition Organizers have the tools and support they need to operate, within the recognized sport framework, follow current safety rules and guidelines and are aware of risk management that is necessary and of the upmost importance for hosting a well planned, successful competition.

HCBC sanctioned competitions are governed by the current Horse Council BC Rule Book which can be found at the following link:  HCBC Rule Book .

Through the HCBC Officials Program, we have also developed a deep pool of well trained and knowledgeable officials. Licensed or approved officials are required at all provincially sanctioned shows which aides and provides competitions with the ability to consistently maintain a fair and level playing field.

Find an Official here:

It is also important to know that sanctioning equestrian competitions allows us to capture the activity that demonstrates the value of equestrian sport to government at all levels.

To help support and promote our equestrian events and competitions, all approved sanctioned competitions, are listed on the Horse Council BC calendar of events. HCBC Events Listings

Horse Council BC welcomes and encourages all grass roots and entry level competition organizers to sanction their show with us. By doing so we can work together to ensure a fun, safe environment within a fair playing field that will aide towards the growth and success of the sport we all love.

Horse Council BC recognized provincial sanctioned competitions are for entry level competitions and administered directly by Horse Council BC.

Horse Council BC Officials are required. OFFICIALS DIRECTORY


Determine the level of competition which best suits your location and competitors either an HCBC provincial competition or EC national Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum competition.

Competition organizers are required to submit competition applications online, upload Certificate of Insurance, draft Prize list, Entry forms and waiver. Please remember, all prize lists must now include the following disclaimer:

“It is the responsibility of the show/event committee, or organizers and the facility owners and managers to ensure that all BC Health Authority and WorkSafeBC directives are followed and enforced. Horse Council is not a regulatory body and it is understood and agreed that sanctioning and approval of either a HCBC Provincial circuit event or Equestrian Canada Bronze or Silver competition relates to the use of the rule book and approved officials only”.

This Competition is a Horse Council BC provincially sanctioned Competition and will be governed in accordance with the Horse Council BC Rule Book. Knowledge of the Rules is the responsibility of the Competitor.

The Horse Council BC Rule Book, will be used and can be found at the following link:   General Rules

Neither Horse Council BC, its Board of Directors, organizing committee, staff, volunteers, officials, or employees of this horse show, will be responsible in any way, for damage, injury, or loss to persons, horses or property of exhibitors, spectators, owners, riders, trainers, or grooms.  All competitors and owners of horses must be members of Horse Council BC to participate”

Competition Organizers Login to your HCBC account to complete competition application using the online competition administration portal.
Click on green button To Sanction Your Competition
  • Click Sanction Your Competition and Login to your HCBC Member account with your email address and password
  • You may also reset your password at this time if required click on reset password on Login page
  • Once you have successfully Logged in you will be redirected to the Online Competition Application
  • Enter the competition details following the steps outlined saving each page as completed.  You can return to the application at any time to continue completing all the required pages.  Login to your account and click on your account cart to resume process.
  • Complete the required information, upload your competition documents and you will come to final payment page of process
  • Click on Submit Application to pay permit fees with credit card.  A transaction receipt will be emailed directly to your account email address.  You may also leave the application in your membership cart if paying with a cheque by mail.
  • Your event application will remain in your members account cart until all steps of online administration process and payment of fees are received.  Once you have completed your application process and payment of fees,  your competition will listed on the HCBC Competition Calendar.   Your application will be reviewed for approval when completed and the appropriate Certificate of Sanctioning will be emailed to you with any post competition documents on Admin approval.

You will be required to upload the following documents via the Online Competition Administration portal
                                (Download form templates – click on links below)

  • Certificate of Insurance provided to you by your Insurance provider or download  Certificate of Insurance  and have it endorsed by your Insurance provider within a minimum of one month prior to application.
  • Prize list/ Entry Forms/ Waiver 
  • The competition application and all required information must be uploaded through the online system within a minimum of one month prior to the competition or event date(s) and before publishing, posting online or distributing the prize list.
  •  Post Competition: Competition ID Report  Competition_ID_ Report 2021   may also be completed through the online Competition Administration portal following the event.(Comp ID Reporting is very  important. HCBC gathers this data for all shows. The data collected goes to the government. The more reporting and data sent will help to legitimize equestrian activity in the province and build awareness of our sport at municipal and regional levels. The data collected is also used to determine sport funding. We understand it’s a pain to fill these forms out, but it really is important to equestrian and the growth or our sport in the eyes of the government.)

Competitions will be  posted on the Horse Council BC Competitions Calendar upon administrative approval.

Sanctioning EC Bronze or Silver is now available to organizers through the online system.

Equestrian Canada (EC) sanctioned competitions are national competitions governed by Equestrian Canada discipline rules.  EC licensed officials,  judges, course designers, technical delegates, and stewards are required to officiate at any EC national competition .

Equestrian Canada competition documents and more information can be found on the Equestrian Canada website at

All Horse Trials, Platinum  or Gold competitions or multiple levels of EC Bronze, Silver, Gold competitions must be submitted to Equestrian Canada directly.

Equestrian Canada (EC) national competition documents can be found at: Equestrian Canada Competition Documents

EC Dressage Test User Fee

All sanctioned Dressage shows wanting to use EC Dressage Tests must pay a test user fee which is payable directly to EC.

  • Provincially (PTSO) sanctioned competitions – $1 per test to a maximum of $20
  • EC Bronze sanctioned competitions – $1 per test to a maximum of $30

Organizers will be able to pay securely by credit card and will receive a receipt with the competition number and password to access the EC Competition Support Portal.

Please clink on the following link: