What Is Horse Council BC

Horse Council BC is a membership-driven not-for-profit association representing the interests of the equine industry in all sectors throughout British Columbia. Tradition, strong values and superior hard work provided by our volunteers has made Horse Council BC the largest and most successful multi-discipline, multi-breed equine association in Canada.

Horse Council BC actively represents the equine industry in agriculture, industry, sport, and recreation through education, grant funding, club support, government advocating, liability insurance, and participant programs.


Horse Council BC is a member service organization that collaborates with business, industry and government on behalf of the equine and equestrian community to enhance the equine lifestyle in this Province.

“A British Columbia where quality opportunities to participate in equestrian sport and recreation are available to ALL”

  • Fairness: We are committed to the value of fairness in all our undertakings. We promote “playing by the rules”, open-mindedness, listening to others
    and treating people with respect. We believe fun and enjoyment in a safe environment should be at the heart of recreation and sport.
  • Science-based Education: We believe in science-based education as the means to improve practices related to safety, equine welfare and performance.
  • Respect: We expect from ourselves and others that all members, staff and volunteers will be treated with respect.
  • Responsibility and Accountability: We value the rights of equines and equestrians and the responsibilities that come with those rights. We
    provide responsible, accountable service and are committed to being a knowledgeable voice for our community.
  • Inclusivity and Diversity: We welcome everybody and value a participant base that is reflective of our diverse community in BC. We recognize the need
    to be proactive in achieving this.
  • Engage and Strengthen HCBC Membership
    • Through communication and engagement with our members and the larger community demonstrate the value of Horse Council BC and retain and attract members.
  • Represent Equestrian Interests
    • Educate and advocate on behalf of all equestrians to promote equine health and welfare and ensure their continued right to engage in a wide range of equine activities.
  • Education and Sport Development
    • Through a variety of educational platforms and pathways, enhance both science-based education and sport development.
  • Operational Excellence
    • Promote operational efficiency through innovation and technology; ensuring quality service to members, effective communication, maintaining financial stability and increasing environmental sustainability.
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