Horse Council BC Awards

HCBC’s Annual Awards honor outstanding achievement within BC’s equine community.  These awards acknowledge those who stand out from the crowd and have made a positive impact on the equestrian community.


  • All nominations MUST be submitted on or before the nomination deadline to be accepted for
    the current year. Nominations submitted after the deadline will be carried forward to the next
  •  The Awards Committee reserves the right to re-direct a nomination into a more appropriate
    award category.
  •  It is at the discretion of the Awards Committee whether or not to give out an award.
  • Current HCBC Staff and Directors are not eligible to be nominated for the Annual Awards

HCBC’s Annual Awards honor outstanding achievement within BC’s equine community.  These awards acknowledge those who stand out from the crowd and have made a positive impact on the equestrian community.

The “HCBC Selection Committee” collectively has over 25 years experience within BC’s Equine Industry and comes from diverse geographical areas contributing to the creditability of these awards. The committee, comprised of a panel of four volunteers, considers nominations submitted by current HCBC members including seniors, businesses, clubs, affiliate groups and the HCBC Board of Directors.

Their Job? To select deserving recipients that meet the award criteria for which they have been nominated for. The committee does reserve the right not to pick an award recipient from among the nominations.


Horse Council BC’s Lifetime Achievement Award was established and first presented in 1981 to honor individuals who have made exceptional contributions to BC’s equestrian community. These contributions, whether they have been through education, mentoring or leadership, have made a lasting footprint demonstrating a lifetime of commitment and dedication to the on-going progression of the equine industry. The Lifetime Achievement Award is considered the premier award of Horse Council BC.

The recipient of this prestigious award must be a BC resident having achieved prominence through commitment and hard work, in turn positively impacting BC’s equine industry and inspiring others. This award is only awarded when warranted and is not necessarily awarded every year.

In 2013, the Lifetime Achievement Award was renamed the “Sherman Olson Lifetime Achievement Award” in honourof one of Horse Council BC’s founding father’s who sadly passed away this year. Sherman Olson helped to found Horse Council in 1980. We are ever grateful for his contribution, foresight, vision and his dedication. Horse Council BC was formed by bringing together the BC’s horse sport, recreation and industry sectors. Sherman has left a legacy we can all be proud to be a part of. We will never forget his contributions to horse interests across Canada.

Additional criteria: Significant contribution(s) must be to an equine organization(s), Club(s) or discipline(s).


This award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated outstanding professionalism, leadership and mentoring skills in a coaching role overseeing a team(s) or individual(s) at any level in any recognized equestrian discipline during the year. This individual MUST be an HCBC member and a Horse Council recognized coach in good standing to be nominated.


This award recognizes an individual (senior or junior) who has demonstrated outstanding dedication and commitment to BC’s equestrian community and/or sport in any recognized discipline. No athletic achievement is necessary. This individual MUST be a member of Horse Council BC in good standing to be nominated.

Congratulations to the worthy recipients of the Horse Council BC’s 2022 Awards!  Each award winner will receive their award at an event of their own choosing throughout 2022. We received many outstanding nominations this year, so thank you to all who nominated someone and congratulations to our winners.

2022 Coach of the Year – Jennifer Bell
2022 Bob James Volunteer of the Year – Jill Ackerman
2022 Sherman Olson Lifetime Achievement AwardClaudia Cojocar
Sherman Olson Lifetime Achievement Award
2020 Frances Teer
2018 Rick Filmore
2016 Carol McDonald
2015 Borge Olson
2014 Bob Grimshaw
2013 Pam Arthur
2012 George & Dianne Tidball
2011 Judy Ross
2010 Dorothy Kirby
2009 Jacqui Oldham
2008 Ellen Smailes
2007 Bob James
2006 Fran & George Bloor
2005 Jay LaLonde
2004 Dr. John Gilray
2003 Freda Gunst
2002 Mary Swanson
2001 Hank McEwan
2000 Bud & Ethel Wright
1999 Dave Esworthy
1998 Alf Fletcher
1997 Joy Richardson
1996 Edith Reid
1995 June Osborn
1994 Maureen Walters
1993 Janet Dmitrieff
1992 Jean Simpson
1991 June LaLonde
1990 Dan Bland
1989 Al Sorensen
1988 Tilly Muller
1987 Rosie Hyndman
1986 Bill Archibald
1985 Vivian Hayward-Breakwell
1984 Laura Tidball
1983 Bill MacCauley
1982 Melva McLean
1981 Sherman Olson
Bob James Volunteer of the Year
2021 Tina Knott
2019 Angie Szokol
2018 Margot Vilvang
2017 Chelsea Wallach & Lana Shields
2016 Ron Tricket
2015 Not Awarded in 2015
2014 Charlene Kostecki
2013 Deb Oakman
2012 Janice Spenst
2011 Haidee Landry
2010 Sharon Pickthorne
2009 Sharon Hall
2008 Simone Stich
2007 Marilyn Gregory
2006 Maureen Savage
2005 Danielle Frothinger
2004 Wendy Christoff
2003 Sandra Ross
Coach of the Year
2021 Stella French
2020 Jodi Bater
2019 Tegwyn Harper
2018 Sara Sellmer
2017 Derek Huget
2016 Andrea Taylor
2015 Jessie Blackmon
2014 Rochelle Kilberg
2013 Brent & Laura Balisky
2012 Fionna Christensen
2011 Selena Pellizzari
2010 Lynne Larsen
2009 Nikki Ayers
2008 Sandra Verda
2007 Lisa Pink
2006 Donna Allen
2005 Colin Schmidt
2004 Jane James
2003 Fionna Christensen

Instead of hosting a gala in one location for an evening of presenting awards to people from all over the province and from all disciplines, we want the awards and the event to be all about YOU!

We want to celebrate with the award winners, their family, their peers, and the clubs they belong to.  We will travel to your clubs AGM or special event, your show, your barn, etc. to present you with your special award. These awards should be celebrated by ALL the people who support you in your own community and we want to make that possible!