Euthanasia is an option for owners of horses to prevent or end suffering and pain. If your horse can no longer respond to you in the normal ways, is experiencing more pain than pleasure, is terminally ill or critically injured euthanasia is a compassionate humane option.

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American Association of Equine Practitioners Euthanasia Guidelines


Burial is not by default prohibited by law, but the law states that you cannot cause pollution.
Large Animal Disposal – On-Farm Burial Option South Coastal Region of BC


West Coast Reduction  105 North Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC V5L 4V7

Kevin Dargatz – services from Hope to Sumas Way on the south side of the river, Hope to Agassiz on the north side. Will also accept  deliveries of live horses if applicable.  Call 604 795 7890.

Maneline Equine- Based out of Langley services Fraser Valley, Lower Mainland, offering professional, compassionate equine only transport and removal. No other livestock accepted. Pricing is based on location of pick up. Please note, dispatching services are not provided. Text or call 604-616-6096

For more information you may also contact the contact the BC Ministry of Agriculture at:

1767 Angus Campbell Rd, Abbotsford, BC   V3G 2M3
phone: 604-556-3001 fax: 604-556-3030