Reporting Road Issues

When encountering an aggressive driver:

  • DO recognize every driver makes mistakes from time to time
  • Calm yourself by talking through the situation
  • Call 911 (if the situation warranted and you are in a safe location)
  • Count to 20, breath, and relax.
  • DON’T get angry, gesture, or yell back.


Probably the single most important piece of information to gather is the license plate number of the offending vehicle. Write it down and keep the paper that you wrote it on to refer to later in court. At the very least, this is all that the police need to start an investigation with.

Take note of the details of who, what, where, when, and why. The more you can recall and provide to the investigator the more likely that the investigation will result in charges against the offending driver. Like the license plate number, write these down at the first possible opportunity so that they will not be forgotten.

If the driving behaviour is serious and could result in immediate harm to others call 911 and make the report immediately. If this is not the case, a call to the police non-emergency number as soon as reasonably possible is sufficient. After you have provided the particulars of your case, ask for and record the file number of your complaint. All complaints are given a file number and this is what you will need if you follow up on your complaint at a later date.

If you encounter a motorist who poses a danger to horse & rider:

It’s tough to think about license plate numbers and descriptions when someone’s trying to run you off the road, so too few people report those near misses and dangerous situations to the police. The more we report, the more aware the authorities will be that a problem exists.

In case of emergency:  If you carry a cell phone, keep it in your pocket, not on your saddle. Make sure you have identification, a hoof pick, and a pocket knife with you. Tell someone where you will be riding and when you expect to return, and whenever possible, ride with a buddy.

To read more about making a complaint to police, visit the Drive Smart BC website.