To all Summer Games Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches,

I would like to offer a heartfelt “Thank You” to all of the Head and Assistant Coaches that took part in the BC Summer Games in Abbotsford. You gave your time and expertise to the Summer Games Athletes as a Volunteer expecting nothing in return. You slept in the dorms with your teams, kept your athletes together and made sure that they got to where they were supposed to be. Without your help the Summer Games would not have been the success that it was this year. Without you the athletes would not have had the leadership and guidance that allowed them to shine as well as learning to help others. Looking at the pictures from the Games we see happy smiling athletes, beautifully groomed horses and top performances. Without the help of the Coaches, athletes would have been individuals not the Zone Teams that we saw having fun together. I would also like to thank the personal coaches who came to support their students, I know that you being there was a huge help to them. Thank you again for your role in making the BC Games an experience of a lifetime and with hard work, perhaps a stepping stone to bigger and higher podiums.


Thank you to:

Elizabeth Brown

Rochelle Kilburg

Georgann Gregory

Wendy Christoff

Jeanine Ellingham

Jen Pinkerton

Jacky Cooper

Margaret Rigby

Fionna Christensen

Angel Robson

Tara Norman

Stella French

Selena Pellizarri


Wendy Sewell HCBC Manager of Coaching and Education