Please remember to send in your Professional Development forms as soon as possible after attending a clinic or event. This is particularly important when you have audited a clinic or workshop where many coaches are in attendance (for example the Mane Event, or a Symposium) so the names of the coaches who attended can go together into one report instead of many reports with individual names. This allows the PD to be reported and counted quickly and efficiently. The person who is organizing an event may not forward a list of participants to HCBC and if not, you will need to submit your form to receive credit. If you are ever in doubt about whether a clinic will count towards PD please contact [email protected].

If you are a Western Coach, submitting Professional Development hours is fairly new to you, the requirement only having been introduced in the last few years. Provincial Updates are no longer required to update, so it is important that you look around the area you live in and seek out PD opportunities.

Now that the transition is complete Coaches and Instructors can go to and log into your account with your NCCP# and password. You will see how many points you have and the timeframe that you have to complete the requirements. If you notice your contact information, address or email is incorrect, you can make those changes yourself. If your certification is not listed correctly them please let me know and I will see why and help you correct it. Quite often there are multiple accounts and NCCP numbers for a single person. In this case the accounts need to be merged by the CAC. Once this is done it generally fixes most problems.

The 2017 Equestrian Canada Convention is going to be held in Vancouver, April 6-9. There will be educational opportunities and workshops for Coaches and Instructors. For more information contact [email protected] or go to It will be great to have the convention in our Province and accessible to BC coaches. All Convention workshops and educational sessions count for PD.

The 2017 English, Drive and Western Rider Development level forms are now in! The rebranded material is the same as the last versions, but the revised forms and rubrics are clearer and easier to follow and mark. We now have rubric’s for the Western Program and all of the information about the Intermediate Rider Basic Training. Western Coaches will receive an email with the examining material and rubrics in the very near future. English Coaches can have the examination material emailed to them, and it will also be available on a CD. Drive coaches will also receive the Drive materials by email. Contact [email protected] with any questions.