Here’s a sneak peek – the renovated database will be settling in permanently on our website next week, but we thought we’d give you a first look on Canada’s big day. You might encounter a hiccup; you might not – that’s all part of being a beta tester! Take a look around at

We’ve overhauled the look and feel, improved functionality, expanded the geographical area of our Zones to reduce their number, and made sure the site is mobile-friendly.

The Home Page now presents the option of a click on any of 8 zones, from which you can drill down to particular trails or view the full list of trails the database contains for that Zone. Over the course of the coming year, we’ll gradually be adding digital mapping, in an effort to make this database as information-rich as possible.

Any database is a living document, subject to change and always inviting updates. The trail information is presented differently, but the data is currently the same as it was on the old site. We hope riders will be inspired to send us updates for every trail, so that the information presented may be kept as current as possible – to find a form to use to send updates or add a new trail, please see: We welcome your feedback on the changes we’ve made, so please email [email protected] with comments.

We’d like to thank Cnawlece Incorporated for the great work updating the database framework, and we’d also like to thank Back Country Horsemen of BC for compiling the information originally, and their invaluable assistance in keeping it current.