The Canadian Red Cross is committed to supporting small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and First Nations cultural livelihoods (First Nation people whose primary means of livelihood is based on cultural expression or ceremony) that were impacted by the 2017 British Columbia wildfires. Experience has shown us this assistance greatly helps people and communities recover from a disaster.

Additional Financial Assistance Available
The second phase of the Canadian Red Cross Support to Small Business Program, through the generous funding from and in partnership with the Government of B.C., is providing additional financial and other assistance to eligible small business owners, cultural livelihoods that support First Nations communities, and not-for-profit organizations impacted by the British Columbia 2017 wildfires. This additional financial assistance is to provide support for uninsured financial losses as a result of interrupted business operations, due to the wildfires. This program is administered by Marsh Canada.

The amount of financial assistance provided to eligible businesses will be based on their individual needs, which will be determined through the application process.

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