The provincial government is reviewing the professional reliance model and is seeking public feedback until 4:00 PM on Friday, January 19.

Outdoor recreation is affected by how our natural resources are managed, which is why participating in this review process is in the best interests of the outdoor recreation community. We encourage anyone who has had experience with professionals, such as foresters or engineers, to submit feedback online. Please also circulate this email to share with others who can provide valuable input to the review process.

Professional reliance takes different forms across the natural resources sector, such as forests, minerals, metals, petroleum, fish and other natural resources.

professional reliance is a regulatory model in which government sets the natural resource management objectives to be achieved, and professionals hired by proponents decide how those objectives will be met.

Generally, government oversight focuses on monitoring, compliance and enforcement, rather than reviewing and approving plans or project designs. In doing so, government relies on the professionalism of the qualified professional, the professional and ethical codes they are required to follow, and oversight by the professional associations to which they belong.

The provincial review will make recommendations on:

1.Whether professional associations that oversee qualified professionals (QPs) employ best practices to protect the public interest;

2.Whether government oversight of professional associations is adequate; and

3.Conditions governing the involvement of QPs in government’s resource management decisions and the appropriate level of government oversight to assure the public their interests are protected