For Immediate Release: February 12, 2018

2018-12 Press Release – BC (002)

$150,000.00 Will Be Distributed To Under 25 Athletes Across Canada!
Horse Council BC is pleased at this time to announce two new programs being introduced Nationwide, with the mandate to support Equestrian Athletes across the country under the age of 25. The programs are being designed to help identify those who have the potential in becoming Canada’s next High-Performance Athletes. Funding for the programs has been graciously provided from the J.C. Anderson Family Foundation and the J.C. Anderson Legacy Fund through The Calgary Foundation and the Alberta Sport Connection Donation Program to the Alberta Equestrian Federation (AEF) for purposes of supporting Athlete Development. John Anderson, a member of the Canadian Equestrian Team has helped make this funding and programs possible.

Program 1:
The J.C. Anderson Legacy Medal will be a Jumper based Medal Series open to ANY athlete under the age of 25 as of January 1st. Medal classes will be held at competitions across the country at 1.20m-1.25m. Any competitor who competes in a minimum of 2 J.C. Anderson Legacy Medal classes during the year will be eligible to compete in the Eastern Regional Finals
(Angelstone) and the Western Regional Finals (Rocky Mountain Show Jumping). The top 10 athletes from each region will be invited to compete at the National Finals to be held in 2018 at the prestigious Royal West. $40,000 in Athlete Development Bursaries will be awarded to the 20 qualifying riders in the amount of $2,000 each. The bursaries will be distributed to them, through the AEF and then by each r respective Provincial/Territorial Federation.

At the J.C. Anderson Legacy Medal National Finals, aside from the accolades of competing in this prestigious Medal, the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medalists, along with 4th and 5th place, will share Athlete Development Bursaries totaling $27,500.00, with $10,000 being awarded to the National Champion.

Program 2:
The Rocky Mountain North American U25 Championship is being introduced to allow athletes from across the country and around North America the chance to compete in a three phase Championship competition that ultimately presents Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals to the winners. Scheduled to be held during the week of June 20th – 24th, 2018 at the Rocky Mountain Show Jumping venue in Calgary. Canadian U25 athletes from across the country can apply for $50,000 in Athlete Development Travel Bursaries to assist them with expenses incurred to attend the Championship.

The Three Phase Championship will offer $20,000 in Prize Money (not funded by this program). In addition to the prize money for the Championship, the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medalists, along with 4th and 5th place, will share Athlete Development Bursaries totalling $27,500.00, with $10,000 being awarded to the Gold Medalist.

Detailed information will be made available shortly and will be posted on all the Provincial/Territorial Equestrian Associations websites as well as on the Rocky Mountain Show Jumping website.