B.C. Agricultural Research and Development Corporation (ARDCorp) has partnered with Environment and Climate Change Canada to help deliver SARPAL in British Columbia (B.C.).  SARPAL is supporting the agricultural sector to develop, test and implement beneficial practices that help recover and protect species listed under the federal Species at Risk Act through voluntary stewardship on farmland.

‘Critical Habitat’ is the land needed by species at risk (SAR) to recover and survive.  Horse farms or land development for equine purposes can alter or remove SAR habitat.  Roads, fences and fields may also interrupt wildlife movements and migrations between critical habitats.

As stewards of private land in B.C., the equine community can play an important role in conserving and protecting critical habitats for SAR.  Many conservation measures that benefit SAR also provide benefits to the farm. For example, protecting or restoring wetlands can buffer and reduce the impacts of flooding and also create reservoirs for irrigation or stock watering.

Voluntary stewardship also demonstrates your commitment to the sustainability of the equine sector in B.C.  This builds good-will within your community and with society as a whole.

How You Can Help

Get Informed: Complete an Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) or use other resources to help identify if there are SAR or critical habitats identified in your area.  Find out what natural features are important and which beneficial practices you can employ.

Get Organized: Develop a plan to restore and/or protect critical habitat on your farm.  Funding support through the Beneficial Management Practices (BMP) Program can help you create a Biodiversity Management Plan for your farm.

Get Involved: SARPAL is looking for partners to help demonstrate beneficial practices. Volunteer to showcase the benefits of agriculture conserving SAR.

For more information, or if you are interested in hosting a SARPAL demonstration on your farm, please visit www.ardcorp.ca/programs/sarpal/ or email: [email protected]

SARPAL is being delivered with the financial support of the Government of Canada.