How to Request Enhanced Equestrian Warning Signage from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure:

Horse Council BC has been working closely with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure to come up with a procedure to allow equestrians to request road signage in their area. We are very excited about this initiative to help make the roads safer for everyone.

From the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Technical Circular “Horse and Rider Warning Signs’:

“The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTi) has been approached by a group of riders and the Horse Council of B.C. regarding improvements to the horse and rider signage. Specifically, they are seeking to remind drivers to be more aware in areas where riders may be present and more courteous when passing horse and riders. Previously, the horse and rider sign (W-064-11) was used on its own with minimal guidance on application or placement. Incorporating tabs that clarify where horseback riders may be present or reminding drivers to “share the road”, as they do with cyclists and pedestrians, may improve driver awareness, consideration, and safety for the horse and rider as well as the driver.

More information can be found here: