Horse Council BC with funding from the BC Ministry of Agriculture to conduct an Economic Impact Study of the horse industry in BC to determine its economic benefits and value to the provincial economy. To do so, we are conducting an extensive survey of all horse owners in BC. The Survey is open until July 22 2019 and can be taken at this link here:…

The survey is compatible with smartphones and tablets, but we recommend using a desktop where possible. Please note that only one member per household should complete the survey.

Your decision to participate is voluntary but your views are very important. The information you provide will be protected in accordance with the Privacy Act and all information collected will be used solely for research purposes. Your responses will be summarized with other responses and reported only in summary form. Your specific responses will not be attributed to you or your organization in any report resulting from this study.

Should you wish to provide feedback in an alternate format (e.g., over telephone, in a Microsoft Word document, or in written format) or have any questions or technical difficulties, please do not hesitate to email ([email protected]) or call (604-688-2424 Ext. 310).