January 22, 2020

Notice regarding the recent announcement of the Health of Animals Regulations Part XII: Transportation of Animals-Regulatory Amendment.

Hopefully this will help clarify what the regulations mean to anyone hauling horses-

Commercial transporters have to meet the requirements with regards to the training (138.1), contingency plans (138.2) and records (154).

Any person who transports animals in the course of business or for financial benefit (this would include rodeo, competition for financial gain, transporting animals for sale) has to meet the requirements with regards to the contingency plans (138.2) and records (154). However, they are not required to provide training as per 138.1.

“Any person who…” or “No person….” applies to everyone. Where it says commercial, it only applies to people paid to transport. Note, CFIA includes ANY person who gets paid as being commercial. Example – if someone pays their neighbor $50 to haul horses to a show and back, that person is considered commercial.

Everyone else, “any person who, loads, confines (for the purpose of transport), transports or unloads animals” the rest of the regs apply to.  So the person hauling their horse to a 4H show or a trail ride fall under the regulations. Actually, ALL animals do.  It has always been this way, even with the old regulations – they applied to everyone who transports animals.

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