Update – April 13, 2021

viaSport has provided the following update on April 12, 2021 regarding clarification on the current Provincial Health Order.

  • Can adults train indoors?
    • Adults 22 and older need to continue to follow the group sport restrictions: two people indoors and up to 10 people outdoors.
  • What does non-essential travel mean for sport?
    • This is not a new update. Under the current restrictions, individuals can only travel to their home club, which also goes for coaches. Read more here.
  • Does this change affect the CSI-P High Performance exemption?
    • No. The section on Exercise in the Gathering and Events Order has been updated; however, the high performance section in the Order remains unchanged.
  • Does this affect the varsity sport exemption?
    • No. The section on Exercise in the Gathering and Events Order has been affected; however, the varsity section in the Order has not been affected by the new restrictions.

Click here for the current Provincial Health Order regarding events.

Click here for more information regarding travel restrictions for sport.

The following update from March 17th remains in place:

Horse Council BC Update – March 17, 2021

There was a change to the PHO Order on Gatherings and Events this week that affects adult outdoor sport. Effective immediately, group sport activities like training and drills are permitted for adults 22 and older, provided they meet the following conditions:

1) If the group sport is indoors, only two persons participate (no change);
2) If the group sport is outdoors, only ten persons participate (increased from four people);
3) The participants maintain a distance of three metres from one another while engaged in the group sport, unless the participants reside in the same private residence (no change);
4) There are no spectators, unless the presence of a spectator is necessary in order to provide care to a participant (no change).

All other restrictions on indoor activities remain in place and there are no changes for youth sport to report today. This change for adult sport aligns with the loosening of restrictions announced on Friday allowing 10 people to gather outdoors while maintaining our other layers of protection while indoors.

Updates will be made available at the HCBC Return to Sport Webpage as they become available

Transmission in sport:

Safer Sport, Fitness, & Recreation Advisory Committee (SSFRAC) and viaSport has indicated that COVID transmission has been taking place in sport and are continuing to track this data. They will continue to monitor and collect this data in order to provide guidance to the PHO around what’s next for sport. Reminder to please use this form to report any exposures in sport so that the SSFRAC can be prepared to respond with the committee.