Are you actively competing at the Equestrian Canada (EC) bronze level dressage or para-dressage and ready to progress to gold or silver? The 2022 British Columbia Para-Dressage Classification Hub is coming to British Columbia in March 2022!

Classification is a process that includes the testing of athletes by a certified physiotherapist or medical physician to evaluate either muscle strength, coordination, range of movement or a combination thereof using a standardized classification system. EC classifies/assesses athletes in accordance with the method and standards of the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI).

Not all athletes who have an impairment are eligible for classification. For example, a symptom such as lax ligaments, general pain, or an impairment that changes from day-to-day is not classifiable. In addition, riders must have more than a 15% loss of power, range or coordination in any limb or the trunk to be eligible for classification.

We encourage athletes who have a recognized medical condition resulting in an impairment that can be measured objectively to submit their application for para-dressage classification.

BC Para-Dressage Classification Hub
When: March 26 – 27, 2022
Where: Location to be confirmed – Victoria, BC
Cost: $150
Registration Deadline: Submit interest by March 01, 2022 to Jamie-Ann Goodfellow Coordinator, Para-Dressage by email to: [email protected]

Attendance Requirements
Athletes are responsible for their own travel costs and must bring one person with them into the classification session. It is strongly recommended that they bring their coach if they are available, so any compensating aids can be discussed with the classifier.

Classification Package
Those interested in participating in the Classification Hub are encouraged to request the classification procedures form. The package must be completed by the athlete, as well as their coach and medical doctor, and returned to EC no later than March 1, 2022.

Once received, the Classification Advisory Group will review the documentation and the athlete will be notified if they are eligible for classification.

For any questions please contact:
Jamie-Ann Goodfellow
Coordinator, Para-Dressage
[email protected]
1-866-282-8395 x 146

COVID-19 Protocols
COVID-19 protocols will follow best practices and meet the regulations of the municipality in which the hub will be held. Protocols will be sent to registered participants once confirmed.
All individuals attending the Classification Hub must submit proof of vaccination (showing two doses plus a minimum of 14 days) or a copy of the QR code from their approved provincial health association.

NOTE: Individuals with medical exemptions will be required to submit appropriate paperwork.