HCBC Members are invited to provide feedback on the proposed bylaw changes by July 10th, any questions or concerns can be emailed to [email protected]

The intent of the proposed bylaw update is to:

  • Align with appropriate best governance practices for member association boards and BC Provincial Sport Organizations
  • Increase the effectiveness of our board governance processes and structures on behalf of all members
  • Streamline and reduce cost and burden on staff caused by a large board with varying priorities and agendas

Letter to members regarding proposed bylaw changes

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If you have any questions regarding these changes please email them to [email protected]

Current Approved HCBC Bylaws: Horse-Council-BC-Constitution-and-Bylaws-APPROVED-V2018_08_21

HCBC Proposed Bylaw Changes: HCBC DRAFT Bylaws – July 5 2022