I can understand why and how upset and angry you all are at Katie’s plight. Trust me, I feel the same way. We pay for insurance then it doesn’t pan out when we need it. But please consider this – why would Horse Council offer something that doesn’t work for its members when we are a “not for profit”, member driven organization?….meaning we have nothing to gain from an insurance or any other program or service that fails our members.

When an insurance claim is made, it is made directly to the Insurance company, not to Horse Council. Horse Council is not privy to any claim information…in this case no one at Horse Council knew about the denied claim until it appeared on Facebook and we were as shocked by the information as all of you.
As I told Katie yesterday during a phone conversation, now that we know of a problem with the program being offered we will of course initiate a full review of that program. I know this doesn’t solve Katie’s claim, however Katie assured me that a Capri representative had contacted her on Friday and was gathering information on her case. I asked Katie to contact me directly with any further questions or concerns she has.

Please bear with us as this issue is investigated by the insurance company in the hope of a satisfactory outcome for Katie and try and remember we are a “not for profit”, membership driven organization, with a Board of volunteer directors elected by you, the members. Horse Council offers numerous programs besides insurance and your membership dollars are returned to you and the BC equestrian community through grants, scholarships, education, equine health and welfare information to name just a few services.

Liz Saunders
HCBC President