To our valued NCCP certified coaches, as you know, in September of 2015 Equine Canada launched the NCCP Transfer of Qualifications program which was aimed at helping coaches certified under the old NCCP levels model transition their certifications to the new NCCP context based model. Over the past seven (7) months Equine Canada and its Provincial and Territorial partners have heard your concerns related to the Transfer of Qualifications and we are announcing that a revised NCCP Transfer of Qualifications was implemented on May 27th, 2016. The revised transfer will be simple, painless and will only require coaches to complete the Making Ethical Decisions (MED) Online Evaluation of your new context within the first five (5) years of the transfer. If you have completed the appropriate MED Online Evaluation already, then your transfer will be complete.  

The following transfer will apply in your Locker account and will be worked into your EC and PTSO databases in the near future:

Old Levels Certification New Certification CAC Condition to be achieved within 1st 5 years of transfer
Certified Level 1 Competition Coach Make Ethical Decision Online Evaluation – Competition-Introduction
Certified Level 2 Competition Coach Specialist Make Ethical Decision Online Evaluation – Competition-Introduction
Certified Level 3 High Performance 1 Make Ethical Decision Online Evaluation – Competition-Development


Maintenance of Certification and Professional Development

It is important to clarify that once the Transfer of Qualifications is implemented, in addition to the MED online evaluation of their new context, all coaches transferring to the new contexts will be required to achieve professional development objectives over the following five (5) years commencing from the date of the transfer.  If you are not able to complete the required professional development points or the MED online evaluation your certification will lapse. The professional development points requirements have not changed. However, professional development points will now begin appearing in your Locker account and will be tracked through the Locker database. Transferred and certified Competition Coaches and Competition Coach Specialists should continue to forward professional development achievements to your provincial/territorial equestrian federation office or representative.  Transferred and certified High Performance 1 coaches will submit professional development requirements to Equine Canada.  Please note that some of your professional development points from the past will not appear in your Locker account.