Ottawa, ON, May 3, 2023 – Equestrian Canada (EC) and the provincial and territorial sport organizations (PTSOs) are launching new grants to help support education, participation, and emergency response efforts across the country. The three national grant streams will be available to the PTSOs to support programming and initiatives around National Education, Sport Development, and Emergency Response with a total initial investment of $137,000 in 2023.

National Education Fund
The National Education Fund (NEF) is a $50,000 per year national education bursary program, available to the PTSOs to assist in delivering, hosting, or participating in EC clinics for officials or coaches. The NEF will support initiatives that increase nationwide access to education for EC curriculum programs designed to build skills and foster increased experience and opportunity for individuals progressing through the EC officials and coach pathways.

National Sport Development Fund
Participation in equestrian sport has declined over the past decade and there is a need to boost participation at the base, beginning at the provincial/territorial level. As part of a broader plan, the National Sport Development Fund (SDF) will offer support to PTSO’s in this area with an initial $41,923 available for grant allocations in 2023-24.

National Emergency Response Fund
Environmental and biosecurity disasters are more frequently affecting the equestrian sport community, riding schools, and shows. To help prepare for future needs, the National Emergency Response (NER) Fund will provide supports for emergency response efforts and recovery because of environmental or biosecurity disasters affecting horses across the country.

The NER Fund has been established with $45,166.50 and will continue to grow annually.

In partnership, EC and its provincial and territorial partners are excited to launch these national grants to help support accountability, responsive services and provide increased value to the greater membership of equestrians in Canada.