Ottawa, ON, April 5, 2017 – Equestrian Canada (EC) is pleased to announce that Winona (Noni) Hartvikson has been chosen as the March 2017 recipient of the Dressage Volunteer of the Month Award.

Noni recently stepped down as President of Dressage BC, a position she held for the past four years. When Noni joined the Board in 2012, Dressage BC was a fledgling non-profit organization with the goal of supporting and promoting the development of dressage in British Columbia. During its first Annual General Meeting, when Noni was elected President, a total of 68 members signed up. Through the efforts of Noni and other key horse people, Dressage BC has now grown to a membership of over 600. The organization has also become an Affiliate Member with Horse Council British Columbia (HCBC) and has representatives within all HCBC zones.

Under Noni’s leadership, Dressage BC now includes sponsors, award and grant programs, an active social media presence through Facebook, and online educational programs. The organization continues to develop as a responsive member of HCBC and a focused dressage group.

There is no doubt that Noni will remain active in the dressage world in many ways, including as an EC Basic Dressage Judge, as well as a USEF Western ‘R’ Dressage Judge.

EC thanks Noni for her invaluable contributions to the dressage community over the years, and is proud to recognize and honour her with the Dressage Volunteer of the Month Award.

If you know of a volunteer who deserves recognition, nominations are quick and easy through the EC website. Nominations for the award are accepted until the 20th day of each month, making April 20, 2017 the next deadline to submit the name of a volunteer who has made a difference to the sport of dressage. Questions and comments on the Dressage Volunteer of the Month Award can be directed to Christine Peters at [email protected]