We’re pleased to provide an update from the Capital Region Equestrians on their ongoing trail advocacy.

“Welcome to the Capital Regional District (CRD) Regional Trails Plan on Lochside Trail and CRD Island View Beach Park Plan

  • Both of these plans are now approved by the Regional Parks Committee (Island View Beach Park Plan still needs CRD Board approval in December)
  • Both of these plans include equestrian access

Lochside News: In November 2016, CRD staff widened, cleaned and drained the Hunt Valley section of the trail. This was a priority action in the final Trails Plan and was completed within weeks after approval. It improves the surface and helps all travellers in this section of the trail. Thanks for this, CRD!

Island View Beach News: The IVB plan lays out new a multi-modal loop trail in the Environmental Protection Zone called the Wetland Loop. When constructed, this quiet, pleasant nature trail will be seasonally open to horses April 1 – October 31. Also envisaged in the plan are two new beach access points for horses.  These are described on p 42, and shown on a map on p 52 of the plan. Learn more here: https://www.crd.bc.ca/about/document-library/documents/committeedocuments/regionalparkscommittee/20161116

Important notes to members: On the Lochside Trail, let us consider community first. Ride on the right hand side of the trail. Especially try to move over there if your horse is going to make manure so it doesn’t create a traffic hazard! Come to a walk when passing. Be friendly so people get a good impression of horses and riders.

At Island View Beach, hold your horses until CRD staff open the Wetland Loop Trail and new beach access points (possibly Spring 2017). Of course the beach itself is provincial land so go for that as usual.”

-Capital Region Equestrians