Have you heard? EC has implemented streamlined Sport Licence fees for 2019. As part of this new structure, the minimum level of EC Sport Licence required for Certified Coaches and
Instructors has been revised. The revised requirements for Coaches and Instructors, which result in significantly decreased costs for those at the Instructor, Competition Coach and Coach Specialist levels, are as follows:

Instructor – Bronze
Competition Coach – Bronze
Coach Specialist – Silver
High Performance 1 – Gold

• The $20 EC Coach Levy remains in effect for all active coaches and instructors.
• The changes to minimum Sport Licence requirements for coaches and instructors do not override the requirements for competitive athletes. If you plan to compete, you must maintain the Sport Licence appropriate to the level of competition you enter.
• Instructors and coaches must complete the required professional development and certification maintenance as mandated by their Provincial/Territorial Sport Organization (PTSO) to retain their “Active” status.
• Instructors who only coach within the context of the NCCP Instructor designation may continue to hold Amateur status.
• International Trainers Passport holders must maintain a Gold EC Sport Licence, at minimum.

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