August 21, 2017

Notice from Horse Council BC

Have your horses been evacuated?

If your horses have been relocated and are well cared for and housed in a safe environment, it may be best to leave them where they are until you are confident you can return home.

Some horses are being moved when they do not need to be. The only person who has the right and responsibility to determine if horses should be moved is you the owner of the horse in consultation with the property owner/manager where the horses are housed. This of course does not apply to an EMERGENCY EVACUATION situation. This also does not include situations involving the BCSPCA.

Do not be intimidated by someone pushing you to relocate your horses if they don’t need to move and they are thriving and cared for where they are.

Many of these horses have never been off their home property. Moving from one site to another can be very stressful to your horses especially for the older ones and those with no hauling experience. Stress can cause dehydration and vulnerability to colic or viral sickness, which leads us to the next big problem of bio security issues and the spread of disease.

The fire situation in BC is devastating enough, please do your best to look after the welfare of all of our displaced four legged friends.