Planning a project or event for 2019? Core Fundingand the BC Equestrian Trails Fund are open for application.

Core funds are provincial funds targeted for events or projects that support sport growth and development. An approved event or project will be open to all qualified participants in your area, not just your club members. The event or project must support the goals of HCBC for developing sport within the province. Clubs are expected to charge participants reasonable registration fees.  Money will be released only after a financial report, receipts and an event summary are received by HCBC.

The BC Equestrian Trails Fund was established to provide support for HCBC member clubs and affiliates who have researched and planned a specific project related to the construction and/or maintenance of an equestrian trail, trailhead, or horse camping site in British Columbia for public use. The fund for 2018 totaled more than $38,000, allocated by the Horse Council BC board of directors, and increased annually by individual and corporate contributions.

More information on Core Funds and Application Forms can be found by clicking here.
More information and Application Forms for the BC Equestrian Trails Fund can be found by clicking here.

Application Deadline is April 1, 2019.