It’s Back! BC’s premiere Equine Education Conference will once again be bringing you top internationally recognized professionals presenting the latest findings in equine health, welfare and training.

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APRIL 24-26, 2020

Where:   Quality Inn and Conference Centre

36035 N Parallel Rd, Abbotsford, BC V3G 2C6

Tickets:   $200+GST Full Weekend Pass (Saturday & Sunday)
                    $125+GST Single Day Saturday Pass
                    $125+GST Single Day Sunday Pass

Speakers & Topics

Dr. Brian Nielsen, Ph.D., PAS, Dpl. ACAN Professor Equine Exercise Physiology Department of Animal Science Michigan State University
Dr. Brian D. Nielsen completed his undergraduate degree in Animal Science at the University of Wisconsin – River Falls and received both his M.S. and Ph.D. from Texas A&M University. He currently is a professor of Equine Exercise Physiology in the Department of Animal Science at Michigan State University. Dr. Nielsen has authored over 50 peer-reviewed papers and nearly 200 book chapters, conference papers, and abstracts. Besides being on the editorial board for the Journal of Animal Science, The Professional Animal Scientist, and the international journal Comparative Exercise Physiology, he is a Diplomat in the American College of Animal Nutritionists and served on the National Academy of Sciences Committee on Nutrient Requirements of Horses. Throughout his academic career, he maintained involvement in the racing industry by breaking and galloping racing Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds for over 25 years and has been a licensed trainer since 1997.

Dr. Tania Cubitt

“Microbiome of the hind gut and intestinal tract.”

Dr. Cubitt grew up in rural Queensland, Australia and has been involved with horses all of her life. Dr. Cubitt received her Bachelor of Science from the University of Queensland in Animal Science. She was then awarded a Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarship to further her education. Dr. Cubitt used this scholarship to move to the United States and pursue her graduate studies. Tania received her Master of Science from Virginia Tech in Equine Nutrition and Growth. This work focused on environmental influences on hormonal and growth characteristics in Thoroughbred fillies. She received her Doctor of Philosophy in Equine Nutrition and Reproduction from Virginia Tech with her studies and research focused on nutritional effects on ovarian function. Dr. Tania Cubitt is part of Performance Horse Nutrition, LLC, and consults with feed manufacturers and horse owners throughout the world including Hygain Feeds in Australia.

Professor Paul McGreevy BVSc, PhD, FRCVS, MACVS (Animal Welfare), Cert CABC, Grad Cert Higher Ed.
VetCompass Australia (Chair of Board)

The health and welfare issues relating to the use of bridles and nosebands.

Paul McGreevy is a riding instructor, veterinarian and ethologist. The author of over 250 peer-reviewed scientific publications and seven books, Paul has received numerous Australian and international awards for his research and teaching innovations. He is a co-founder and honorary fellow of theInternational Society for Equitation Science. With federal funding, he leads a consortium of all the Australian and NZ veterinary faculties that has developed the One Welfare portal, delivering curriculum resources for the teaching of animal welfare science and ethics. He also leads the VetCompass initiative that has brought together all of the Australian veterinary schools to provide national disease surveillance for companion animals and horses.

Dr. Christine Fuchs is a Veterinary Specialist for Horses at Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich.

 “Silent suffering: Lack of REM sleep in horses.”

Dr. Fuchs and her team of scientists set out to research sleep deprivation in horses. Sleep is essential for life. The quality and quantity of a horse’s sleep directly affects their health and well-being. However, sleep is rarely considered as part of a horse’s management plan. This study has found that poor management or physical problems can lead to horses becoming sleep deprived and at risk of serious injury. Dr. Fuchs presented their findings at the 14th International Society of Equitation Science (ISES) conference in Rome.
Dr. Christine Fuchs and Dr. Anna-Caroline Wöhr received the 2018 Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Welfare Medal in recognition of outstanding research in animal health for their work. Dr. Fuchs will present –

Dr. Jan Ladewig DVM PhD

“ Equitation Safety,  everything about your safety in connection with horses.”

Jan Ladewig is a veterinarian from the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen, Denmark. After a few years in private practice, working with farm and companion animals and predominantly with horses, he received a Ph.D. degree in Neuroscience and Animal Behaviour at the University of California, Davis, USA. He then worked as a research scientist at the Institute of Animal Husbandry and Animal Behaviour in Mariensee, Germany, before he became Professor of Animal Behaviour and Welfare at the Copenhagen University, Denmark. Since childhood, Jan has been an active rider, training and riding numerous horses. He is an Honorary Fellow of the International Society of Equitation Science. ‘Equitation Safety is arguably the most thorough safety examination of horse-human interactions available… This text should be compulsory for equine science, equine therapy as well as equestrian and pony club federations and coaching courses.  If horse people followed the advice in this book, there would most certainly be far fewer injuries to both horses and people and there would be much happier horses and people too.’ – Dr Andrew McLean, PhD (Equine Cognition & Learning), BSc (Zoology), Dip Ed

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