Ottawa, ON, June 19, 2020 – Applications are now open for three individuals interested in volunteering on the Equestrian Canada (EC) Equine Industry Development Committee.

The Equine Industry Development Committee is an operational committee of EC with the general purpose to provide strategic guidance and counsel to management for the development of, and advocacy for, the Canadian equine industry as it relates to EC’s mandate. The Committee will work in collaboration with other EC committees and management to deliver its mandate.

Specific responsibilities of the Committee include:

  • Advising management on the annual operational priorities, strategies, and performance targets for the ongoing development of, and advocacy for, the Canadian equine industry;
  • Monitoring, analyzing and responding to key issues that affect the equine industry;
  • Representing EC and the equine industry on Government committees and/or groups (where needed);
  • Providing input and feedback to management concerning policies, programs, rules, regulations and services related its development and advocacy functions;
  • Supporting management in dealing with emerging issues within the Canadian equine industry;
  • Interfacing as a unit with the Canadian equine industry in partnership with management on key developments, issues, challenges and achievements within the Canadian equine industry;
  • Providing strategic counsel to the Manager of Welfare and Industry on matters concerning equine industry programs and services;
  • Nominating representatives to various EC committees as required;
  • Appointing ad-hoc equine industry committees in accordance with management approved terms of references as required; and,
  • Liaising with Provincial/Territorial Equestrian Sport Organizations (PTSOs) in order to further the effectiveness of EC concerning its mandate and role within the Canadian equine industry.

EC is seeking committee members who are equine business owners and equine industry professionals including but not limited to breeders, trainers, facility owners and other professionals engaged in equine business.

Committee members will be appointed by the EC CEO. In appointing the members of the Committee, consideration is given to diversity, including without limitation, national/international knowledge and experience in the equine industry, as well as gender, regional, technical and linguistic balance.

For further information on the Equine Industry Development Committee operational policy, please view the EC Operational Committee Manual.

How to Apply
Individuals are invited to submit their resume, along with an expression of interest highlighting their unique qualifications to serve on the Committee, to:

Kristy House
Manager, Welfare and Industry
[email protected]

The applicant’s full name and EC Sport Licence number and/or PTSO number must be included in the application. The deadline for applications is July 5, 2020.

For further application information please contact Kristy House at [email protected].