BC Equestrian Eventing  Association  is thrilled to have Gretchen Butts – (FEI Level 3 Technical Delegate, Level 3 Eventing Judge, Level 2 Steward) share her experience and knowledge with BC’s eventers and officials.
This two-day course is for Technical Delegates and Judges of all levels. Course content is centered around promotion and maintenance of Equestrian Canada officials .  Open for general auditing, it offers a great educational opportunity for anyone interested in learning what an official’s role is and how the rules impact the sport.
Included in the clinic, Lynda Ramsay (Equestrian Canada,  Senior official, HCBC Provincial official and HP1 Coach for Eventing) will offer education for HCBC Provincial Rules Officials. Anyone interested in becoming a provincial level HCBC Professional Rules Official for Eventing Derby is welcome to attend.Additionally, any coaches that attend will receive Professional Development points.

Location: Campbell Valley Park Langley BC

Date: August 11th – August 12th, 2024

Registration Fees: $150 for auditors and participants. $300 for Officials and Evaluators.

Register here: Event Registration – Horse Council BC (hcbc.online)