Ride & Drive Rewards Program

If you have a Ride and Drive program membership you are still able to submit your hours up until your membership expires. For some of you the Ride and Drive program and the Horse Play Program will run simultaneously and will be phased out once everyone’s memberships expire. Thank you for taking part in the Ride and Drive program and we look forward to you joining us in the Horse Play Program!

The Ride and Drive Rewards Program is designed to give BC’s recreational riders and drivers an extra incentive to spend more hours in the saddle or behind the breeching – whether in the arena or on the trails – for practice, exercise, therapy or just plain fun. The Ride and Drive Rewards Program started in 2004 and was revised in 2013 to update the prize list.

Rewards are progressive, starting with the 25 hour level and ending at the 5000 hour level.  Hours spent riding or driving must be logged on a daily basis on a Ride & Drive log sheet and submitted at each level.

Join online, by phone, or by mail Ride & Drive Registration Form.


If you are familiar with Excel and want to submit your hours in spreadsheet format, please e-mail the renamed files (see instructions below) to [email protected]

In order to receive the reward associated with that level, mail your signed Affidavit, along with copies of either the pages from your Equine Companion or the record sheets where you log your hours, to Horse Council BC each time a new level is reached. If you have purchased and use an Equine Companion to log your hours and do not want to photocopy all pages, please have another person (adult) review your hours and witness your Affidavit. Send in your hours when you reach a new level throughout the year. New Record Sheets and Affidavits available online.

FEES (including tax)

2021 Registration – $31.50

Your registration is good for one year after registration and includes an Equine Companion.

Renewal – $10.50

Annual renewal without Equine Companion

Renewal  – $15.75

Annual renewal includes Equine Companion


The program is non transferable.

You may begin logging hours as of the date of your registration in the program.

Ride & Drive memberships are good for one year from the purchase date. You are not eligible for a reward unless your Ride & Drive Reward Program registration is current.

All participants in the Ride and Drive Program are required to be current Horse Council BC members. If you have any questions please contact [email protected]

Conditions and reward levels may be subject to change.


Ride and Drive Reward Program Brochure

Ride & Drive Reward Program Log Sheet

Ride & Drive Reward Program Affidavit

Ride & Drive Registration Form Fillable



Ride & Drive Reward Program patch & HCBC Bandana


HCBC Stainless Steel Water Bottle


HCBC Acrylic Tumbler with Straw & 100 hour patch


HCBC Safety Vest


HCBC Ball Cap & 500 hour patch


Horse & Rider Reflective ID

1000 HOURS

Backroad Map Book & 1000 hour patch

1500 HOURS

Saddle Bag

2000 HOURS

HCBC Cooler Blanket & 2000 hour patch

3000 HOURS

Free HCBC and Ride & Drive membership for upcoming year & 3000 hour patch

4000 HOURS

HCBC Belt Buckle & 4000 hour patch

5000 HOURS

First Aid Kit & 5000 hour patch