Pony Tails Kids Club


Pony Tails Kids Club is FREE and open to all kids! Join Pony Tails today! Alice the Pony will send you lots of horsey fun and help you learn about the awesome world of horses and ponies!


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Alice the Pony has all sorts of fun information, games and contests for you to take part in.

You do not have to be a Horse Council BC Member to join the Pony Tails Club, but we would love to have you join us one day.


The Pony Tails Book of Colouring Fun and Horsey Facts

The Pony Tails Book of Colouring Fun and Horsey Facts is a busy 100 pages of activities, colouring and fun facts, designed to ignite the imaginations of horse-loving children. Click here to get your copy!

The Pony Tails Covid-19 Printable Poster

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